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GSX-R(GW+SR9) will give you so much extra energy. This energy will help you be able to do more exercises, work harder in the gym, and be able to increase your working intensity. All this will help you achieve your workout goals more quickly. This product will also help a great deal to reduce the amount of time you spend recovering from an exercise session. If it normally takes you 2 days to recover from a hard day in the gym, with this drug you will be able to recover much quicker and hence enabling you to get back to hitting the gym again.

It regulates fat burning through a number of widespread mechanisms, it increases glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue and increases muscle gene expression, especially genes involved in preferential lipid utilization. This shift changes the body’s metabolism to favor burning fat for energy instead of carbohydrates or muscle protein, potentially allowing clinical application for obese patients to lose fat effectively without experiencing muscle catabolism or the effects and satiety issues associated with low blood sugar.

SR9009 allows for the efficient metabolism of calories entering your body through food. This not only ensures that no fat is stored in your body but also helps reduce the amount of fat that is already stored in your body.



GSX-R(GW+SR9) has many benefits but has two primary uses. The most common use of GW consists of the extreme amount of endurance and SR9 increase recovery.

  • Fat Burning
  • Mental Focus
  • Weight Management
  • Gives you insane energy levels
  • It can be used while cutting or bulking.
  • The ability to run for as long as 12 weeks.
  • Excellent overall sense of well-being and feeling



The typical user looking to cut body fat while retaining lean mass gains would be suited to using GSX-R(GW+SR9) for 8-12 weeks at a dose of 25mgs, stacked with Cardarine 20mgs/ed and Steanbolic 20mgs/ed. This will produce excellent cutting effects.

The recomping effect of losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time is what the majority of users are looking for. GSX-R(GW+SR9) with its anabolic and nutrient partitioning effects is ideal for such a goal and a dosing protocol of 12.5-25mg for 8-12 weeks will give excellent recomp effects. Stacking with GSX-R(GW+SR9)  will be excellent for a recomp. The beauty of SARMS is they are multifaceted in their use. Your diet and training will dictate the results, but there are many options that are possible with them.



Take 10-20 mg per day is a sufficient dose. It is recommended to start at 10mg per day to take advantage of the host’s sensitivity to the new chemical. 10 mg a day is aimed for endurance, and the higher the dosage the greater the fat loss benefits are going to be. This liquid is a 2 month supply